Want to learn UI/UX design? Check this out.

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Recently I’ve been studying UI/UX design as it seems like a natural fit for combining my love of design with my love for start-ups. I came across this great collection of online lessons from Hack Design. I would definitely recommend checking this out if you’re seriously considering doing UI/UX design.

Also, check out Scott Klemmer’s Stanford class on Human Computer Interaction. Can you believe this stuff is free?

Learn to Paint

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Digital painting is one of my favorite creative outlets, and I wanted to take a moment to share some of the fine art tutorials that have helped me improve my work. Included in the pack are everything from color theory tips to detailed form studies and painting workflows. Enjoy!


The New Look

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After much deliberation, I have finally taken the time to learn WordPress and redesign my online portfolio. Many hours later, I have a much improved home on the web AND a newly found love for the power of WordPress. When using a well made theme as your starting point, making beautiful websites has never been easier; it would have taken me weeks to code this site by hand.

If you’re looking to get into making WordPress sites, I would highly recommend giving the Salient Theme a try. I tried a few others before this one, but none offered as many features and the ease of use that this one did. The free video documentation helped immensely as I was just stepping into the WP word.

Keep checking back as I am working on some new projects that I hope to share very soon.