BMW Mobile App

Have you ever walked around for 15 minutes looking for your car in an overcrowded lot? Or perhaps you’ve been unaware about that oil change you needed 1500 miles ago. Certainly you’ve had to endure the discomfort of getting in your car on a hot summer day or cold winter night. But what if you could turn these common annoyances into a thing of the past using technology you already carry in your pocket?

BMW, in its continual effort to create award-winning driving experiences, has announced a new mobile app that offers secure remote access to your BMW. With it, you can start the engine, lock and unlock the doors, set the interior temperature, and even use built-in GPS mapping to easily find where you parked your car. Named Command Center, the app will soon be available for Android and iPhone.

Remote Start

Car covered in a foot of snow? Now you can start the engine and begin heating your car’s interior from the comfort of your home. Likewise, you can have the AC blasting when it’s time to leave work on that hot summer afternoon.

Lock and Unlock

Not sure if you locked your car? Simply open Command Center to double check, and lock the doors if you happened to forget.

Vehicle Location

The Find Your BMW feature remembers where you parked so you don’t have to. Using GPS, Command Center shows a map with the locations of both your car and your phone, and directs you accordingly.

Alarm Notification

A big problem with car alarms is that all too often, everyone but the owner can hear it. Now you can receive instant notifications when your alarm is triggered, as well as an option to mute it if deemed appropriate.

Temperature Control

It’s no fun having to touch that baking hot steering wheel in the summer, or an ice cold shifter in the winter. Command Center ensures you will never need to do that again. Once the engine is started, you can adjust the thermostat to your liking, and by the time you get to your car, it will be comfortable once again.

Vehicle Maintenance

Command Center provides a full set of real-time vehicle diagnostics for your BMW. Digital gauges show everything from tire pressure and fluid levels to how much gas is left in your tank, and warns you when levels are getting low. Also included are mile count-downs for the next oil change and BMW service intervals.

“The purpose of this project was to design the graphic interface and user-experience of a modern mobile app for luxury vehicles. I chose the BMW brand because of their longstanding commitment to modern technology and design. My goal is to create a glimpse of the future and awaken public desire for a vehicle control experience that goes above and beyond the keyfob technology of today.” -Zach Goldstein