LogicFI is a financial technology startup creating a turnkey solution for financial institutions to enter the online lending market. I was responsible for designing the user experience and interface for their front-end product: an online loan application and admin portal. When I first started working with LogicFI, they had a brilliant algorithm for assessing loan risk but no front-end UI to accompany it. I worked closely with the team to design a multi-step, user-centric application flow in an effort to make their platform stand out from the rest in performance and usability.

I also designed the company identity and public website.

“While creating the identity for LogicFI, I sought to create a mark that would perpetuate the innovative and disruptive company it is becoming. I drew inspiration from the logos of financial and technology companies to try and create a design that would combine the familiar motifs of each. I settled on the hexagon pattern for its visual strength and expression as a technology metaphor. The interconnected shapes portray the many facets of LogicFI’s technology that, when combined, create the cutting edge solution it represents.” -Zach Goldstein