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A little about me

My first dive into computer graphics started at the age of 12 when I decided to undertake the creation of my own website. It was overrun with animated gifs, textured backgrounds and awkward fonts, but I was proud to have my own corner of the web. A few months later I discovered the work of Ryan Bliss and was greatly inspired by the potential of 3D design. I taught myself how to make simple renders with Blender3D and was eventually creating new worlds of my own. Jump ahead a few years and I am graduating college with a design degree and an endless fascination with application design that eventually led me to launch my own mobile app startup called Rocket Raise.

I currently live in the rapidly growing city of Nashville, TN where I help my clients create strategic user experience solutions. In my spare time I enjoy playing tennis, riding my motorcycle, and almost anything else that can be done outside.

Why I love what I do

For me, there are few things more rewarding than launching a new product after many months of tireless planning, designing, and testing. It is exciting to watch as the design is experienced by users for the first time, and every word of their feedback is soaked up in the desire to further its utility.

Being a designer is not always easy; deadlines can be tight, solutions can be difficult to uncover, and there is always the risk that your work may not be used. But I was born to be a designer and there is nothing else I would rather do.

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